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Savor the most praised fresh pasta
from the South Zone at a fair price and with great service!

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Authentic gastronomy
Italian in Copacabana

Daily production

Fresh pasta is produced daily and by hand with great technique and whim. You can follow the secrets and details
in the salon!

High quality

We prioritize imported, fresh and top quality products to offer a gastronomic journey authentic and memorable



The restaurant is in Copacabana
on Rua Francisco Sá - 35, open
every day from 11:30 am

Great service

The 20 seat lounge allows for agile and efficient service, with a familiar and welcoming approach


Pasta & Vino was created at the end of 2018 by

Luciano and Regina Pessina, an Italian-Brazilian couple passionate about Italian cuisine.

Born in Milan, Chef Luciano has more than 40 years of experience in gastronomy and ran the renowned Osteria dell'Angolo for 20 years.

This time, the idea was to open a restaurant in a small, modest space, combining Pasta

& Vino with excellence and simplicity, in a menu of surprising quality.

In the first months, in a tiled room

in Copacabana, the restaurant began to welcome and win over neighbors and tourists from all over the world, offering unique moments based on authentic fresh pasta and charming service.

Nossa proposta

We produce the most praised fresh pasta in the South Zone, with great options of sauces, seafood, meats and wines at a fair price and great service